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Make Cool Things and you can’t go wrong

Discovering innovation is difficult. Discovering innovation to help yourself, is especially when your eyes are closed to your own path and seeking inspiration within the confines of other’s needs. Early in your career, it is your employer. The confines of your employer’s need are fine in the beginning, though. It allows yourself to understand difficulty, heart-ache, and compromise within the relative safety of their house. But there will come a time when you will grow too big for that house. And then, you must set forth and discover your own path.

Or you will die. Well, your ability to innovate will die.

Stop Taking Orders

When you take your first step onto your path your primary goal is to shed all the hows of relationship and respective functionality. Seemingly simple, it can prove to be impossible to some. You are your own boss. You no longer need another’s permission, approval, or weigh-in. It is the employee mind-set you need to shed.

Subsequently, you will never take an order again.

Lead with Inspiration in discovering innovation

All righty, you have now taken the most important and difficult step to effective innovation. Now it is time to get to the real business of discovering innovation to help yourself; inspiration. Inspiration if first achieved by understanding the challenge. Your goal isn’t to self reflect and emote. That is an extremely difficult way to make cool stuff. What you have to understand it the challenge.

Understanding the Challenge

Give it a title. It is always easier to figure something out when you can call it something. I prefer to call all my innovations, “Initiatives”. So, in this can we will call it an action item to innovation initiative,

Title: Executable Idea Initiative

Give yourself a client. It is ok if it’s you. There is some good psychology here; it stops becoming a hobby and becomes a real work project when you have someone to answer to; even yourself.


Version it out. You want to understand how long you have been at it and track all your changes. This is especially important when an innovation evolves. Research, understanding, and progress always does this, so make room for it.

Version: HDC_executable-idea-initiative001

Build an objective. This can be difficult, but absolutely necessary. This part is also especially interesting as the project grows.

Objective: Build opportunities that can be sold as a product or service for HDC.

Next is your milestones. Simular to the objective, you need to start somewhere. This is a list of to-dos, next steps. In the beginning, it may only be research. But as it evolves, so will the list.

Milestones: Research. Moodboard.

Building an innovation to help yourself moodboard

We are all visual people here, so after you have understood the challenge to a degree, it is time to build a moodboard. Moodboards are used for a lot of things. In this instance, it is used to inspire. Jump onto pinterest and other search engines and start to build the feeling of your next innovation. What does its soul look like?

Moodboard used to Discovering innovation to help

What next?

You have taken the most difficult step in finding innovation and started to progress down the path of finding the challenge and its soul. This is where the path fractures and divides into makes possibilities. Grow, evolve and build the initiative. I believe in you, see you in the funny papers.

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