How to Leverage Brand for Best Recruitment

It is essential to leverage your organizational brand to generate the best recruitment results. Let’s discuss why it’s important and how it can be done.

If your organization is not leveraging its brand for potential recruits, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Your brand should be an integral part of all recruitment efforts, from your job postings to your interviews. Use your company’s personality and values as a framework for everything you do.

With the rise in popularity of the biotech industry, many biotech companies are looking for ways to differentiate themselves. All companies are offering competitive salaries, more benefits than other industries, and flexibility in schedule and workplace. They also provide a range of services, such as consultations on clinical study design and data analysis and training.

This has become an arms race of benefits where everyone is racing to zero profit. In the hopes of hiring talent at a financial loss for future gain. We know that you are a responsible employer who wants to provide the best for your staff. How do you give yourself an edge in this difficult industry? What can make your business different from others?

Your brand; their identity.

You can use an investment in your brand to have the industry’s skilled talent take notice. Your brand strategy will be using initiatives that will raise your company’s credibility, exposure, and awareness. What’s most important: building your brand so they can identify as, because it will be a part of them.

Companies with a strong brand image are more successful when it comes to staffing. It’s great for them because their employees are loyal, even when they have offers from other companies. The company benefits by saving money and time spent on hiring and training new employees. The company also benefits as they already have the employees they need to make their goals a reality.

WHY Leverage Your Brand for Best Recruitment

How to Leverage Brand for Best Recruitment - like University

Think of Your Company’s Brand as a University and Their Team

Do you remember the pride you had in your school when you cheered your team on from the stands? You wore your University colors proudly; your school hat, team jersey, and you even went to Target to get matching colored socks in your school’s colors. You weren’t crazy, you were a believer. Your school was everything that you were at that time—your identity.

Your company’s brand should be like a school sports team. It is something your staff dedicate their time and energy to and identify with.

It is the same dedication that we had when we were in college, cheering for our teams on the field. But this time your people are cheering for the business. This is the business they are putting their hard-earned selves into. These days, they have so much more than their college days—family, home, their dream to one day buy a cabin in the woods. But your business is still important to them, just like college, their identity is connected with it.

Universities are institutions that have a brand that is made up of the qualities that they stand for. The same can be said for your biotech company. Your company’s brand is essentially its identity in the world. It is what defines your business in the eyes of potential employees.

How to Leverage Brand for Best Recruitment - what your brand means to them

What Your Brand Means to Them

A good employer should offer their employees a sense of meaning and purpose. This is achieved by providing a brand that represents the talent, their values, and their hard work. In addition to the personal sense of fulfillment, there are also many benefits to the employer. This includes lower turnover rates, higher engagement rates, and increased productivity.

The most important thing to keep in mind, your employee will want something to show their dedication to your business.

A symbol, if you will.

Something that says, “This is part of who I am”

HOW TO Leverage Your Brand for Best Recruitment

How to Leverage Brand for Best Recruitment - brand strategy

Brand Strategy

Biotech companies are laying the groundwork for their future success by investing in brand strategy. The top healthcare technology firms, such as Novartis and Genentech, are placing an increased emphasis on brand strategy to boost the company’s reputation and attract top talent.

Brand strategy is the process by which an organization establishes the brand identity, selects brand name, and defines what values of the company are to be communicated to customers. Branding is a marketing communication that identifies and differentiates one’s product or service from those of competitors.

Creating a great brand strategy is to first understand your company’s vision and goals. This can be accomplished through brainstorming sessions, using workshops, or having meetings with staff members. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not just about building relationships with customers but also with employees.

How to Leverage Brand for Best Recruitment - brand ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors

Biotech companies with the best recruitment numbers are now investing in brand ambassadors. These are people who give their time to promote a company or organization. The social media posts, the word-of-mouth, the blogging, is all done by these brand ambassadors.

By sharing their content online with communities, they can expand their reach and create a close and invested network. They engage with other people who are interested. They build your reputation as an expert, and expose your content to new audiences. These areas online are where your next top talent is specifically and often passionately engaged with.

How to Leverage Brand for Best Recruitment - branded swag
image from HDC client work, SYNG Technologies. Check out the full Brand Identity in the HDC Portfolio. Link.

Branded Swag

Swag is a marketing term used to describe promotional items ranging from shirts and hats and other marketing materials. Companies can create their own branded swag with logos, promo, and color.

Branded swag is a great way to make a strong impression when recruiting candidates. It is an effective way to promote your company culture and establish brand awareness. The more your potential recruits see your company brand, the more likely they are to want to work there.

T-shirts are one of the oldest promotional items. They are also one of the most popular, affordable, and effective. But deciding which t-shirt to buy can be daunting with so many styles, colors, and materials to choose from. Not to mention the additional swag items to choose from, including hats, cups, pens, stickers, and bags.

To make this easy, align your product choices and design decisions with your identity guideline. This is a product of the brand strategy you had invested in.

How to Leverage Brand for Best Recruitment - invest in brand strategy

HOW TO Leverage Your Brand for Best Recruitment with Limited Resources and Expertise

Some of the most common branding mistakes are not establishing a strong company name or mark. Or forgetting about branding in the long run. If you have limited resources and expertise, it is essential to acquire an effective brand strategy and identity package to set the right foundation. You can do this by investing in the services of a brand-first design agency. They build everything you need to give yourself the best advantage.

Brand-first design agencies are the best way to invest in your brand. A lot of small businesses don’t have the resources to hire a team of experts for all three aspects of their business. These agencies offer services that meet the needs of those companies and give them an edge when it comes to marketing, design, and product development.

How to Leverage Brand for Best Recruitment - social media

HOW TO Leverage Your Brand for Best Recruitment Using New Technologies

Helping You Create a Branded Presence with a Smaller Budget

New technologies are making it easier for biotechnology companies to create a more personalized brand presence with a smaller budget. Social media is the most popular new technology that is allowing biotech companies to target specific demographics and find qualified candidates for their job openings.

Social media platforms are the most effective way of finding qualified candidates for positions in biotech companies. Many companies are now using these platforms as a way to promote their company. As a result, this includes what they offer, culture, salary, and work-life balance.

Today, more than ever before, social media platforms are the most effective way of marketing to millennials and finding qualified candidates for positions in biotech companies. Millennials expect all this information to be available on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s easy to see why the millennial generation has become the go-to target for marketers.

Develop guidelines on how you want your brand to be represented on social media channels. This includes the company’s communication with a clear voice and tone so that people know what types of updates to expect to see on their feeds.

LEVERAGE YOUR BRAND to Find the Right Talent

How to Leverage Brand for Best Recruitment - winning

A good employer should provide their employees with a sense of meaning and purpose. Subsequently achieved by providing a company brand purely based on the efforts, values, and talents you possess. Therefore it is crucial to build your own brand. If you manage to build a strong and impactful brand, attracting talent will be easier and more efficient.

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